The Climate Change Garden

Sally’s latest book, The Climate Change Garden, co-authored with Guardian blogger Kim Stoddart, has just published.

Sally is launching her book locally with a talk and book signing at the Butterfly House, Castle Gardens, Sherborne on Tuesday 9 July. Tickets £3 incl refreshments. You can buy a ticket via Eventbrite


Sally Morgan, editor of the Soil Association’s Organic Farming magazine and Kim Stoddart, editor of Garden Organic’s The Organic Way magazine have teamed up to write a practical gardening book that takes an in-depth look at the ways climate change will impact on our gardens and how gardeners can adapt to create a resilient garden, based on organic principles.

James Campbell, CEO of Garden Organic said: “Gardeners are finding themselves battling against drought, flooding, heatwaves, high winds and extreme cold on a regular basis. This positive and practical book not only gives growers valuable insight into how to deal with extremes when they occur, but also the simple steps that can be taken throughout the year to build a garden resilient to these challenges”.


The scorching summer of 2018, with its Mediterranean-like high temperatures and many weeks of drought provided a wake-up call for us in the UK, that the long predicted greater extremes of weather, caused by climatic change, were well and truly upon us.

It’s no wonder then that the themes of resilience and working with wildlife dominated the main avenue at the recent RHS Chelsea Flower Show. With demands for positive action around climate change (via grassroots groups like Extinction Rebellion) continuing to grab media attention alongside the changeable weather itself, gardeners across the board are wondering how to better protect their gardens.

Yes, the uncertainty of the future we now face is intimidating. Yet, learning how to protect our precious outside space against extreme, rain, shine, wind, snow and the goodness knows what else ahead of us, will be key. The climatic weather patterns of yore are changing and fast…

This new book from Sally Morgan and Kim Stoddart is a practical guide to the ways gardeners can adapt and cope with the volatile weather extremes that lie ahead – storms, torrential rain, flooding and drought for example. Providing down-to-earth expert advice on which plants are better placed to deal with such extremes in the first place, and which techniques, practices and equipment can be employed to an existing space, or future designs to help provide a greater robustness overall.

Sally Morgan says: “I have seen changes in my lifetime. My grandfather taught me never to plant out tender crops and bedding until Derby Day. Now we see gardeners planting out in mid May and I grow a variety of crops I never thought possible – butterbeans, chickpeas and lentils. Our traditional gardening books are full of ideas dating back to the Victorians who lived through very different times. We need learn from our gardens and adapt. Our book will help gardeners do just that.”

Published by Green Rocket Books, this ground-breaking book offers a helping hand into a much more resilient gardening future.  Ten per cent of the net profits from the sales of this book go to Garden Organic.


You can read more about the book  and buy a copy  on the Climate Change Garden website