Wildlife courses

We are running some new bee courses for people who would like to learn more about these amazing insects.


Bee Aware Day

Course tutor: Brigit Strawbridge-Howard

Did you know there are around 280 species of bee in the UK? Do you know a solitary bee from a bumble bee? Why is the length of a bee’s tongue so important? How do bees know which flowers to visit? Would you like to learn more? Join Brigit, author of Dancing with Bees, on her Bee Aware day at the farm.

The first part of the day is spent learning about the different types of bees – bumble bees, honey bees and solitary bees and their behaviour and lifestyle.  Their role as pollinators is critical and Brigit will tell you about the intimate relationship bees have with flowers. As Brigit wrote in her book: “How does a bee, newly emerged from its brood cell or cocoon, recognise that plants provide it with food, or which flowers contain the best sources of pollen and nectar? Which bees pollinate which plants? How do they know which flowers have already been worked and which still contain rewards? How do they access the more complexly structured flowers? How do they extract pollen and nectar? How does the plant make sure that pollination actually takes place? How do bees carry pollen back to their nests? How do they find the same plant again? How do they communicate this information to other bees? How do they use the pollen……?”

This session is followed by a walk and talk around the gardens, flower farm and fields which gives you an opportunity to practice some bee ID. Weather permitting, you will see a range of bumble, flower, mason and mining bees, plus the ubiquitous honey bees (we have two hives on the farm) and the bee-lookalikes, hoverflies. We’ve not surveyed the farm for bees so Brigit may spot something unusual. There are lots of things we can all do in our green spaces to help bees and Brigit will point these out on the walk.

We break for an organic lunch and everybody has a chance to have a wander around on their own before coming back for the afternoon session. This time the focus is on the life cycles of solitary and bumble bees. There will be plenty of time for Brigit to answer your questions. 

Please note that Brigit will not be talking about bee keeping.


The day starts at 10am with coffee available from 9.45 am and finishes around 4-4.15 pm

Brigit will provide a list of resources at the end of the day but please bring a notepad and pen to take notes during the day. Part of the day will be spent outside so please bring appropriate footwear, wet weather clothing (as we will go out even if it is raining), suncream and hats etc.  We aim to finish around 4 pm with tea and cake.

The tickets cost £90 (inclusive of vat) with a second person ticket at £75 and this includes all refreshments and lunch.

You can buy tickets for this event on Eventbrite for Saturday 6 June or Sunday 7 June

Come along and be inspired and informed!

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