The butchery and charcuterie courses at Empire Farm are organised by master butcher David Coldman.

As people want to know more about the food they eat, they are also becoming more interested in the preparation of their food, especially butchery. Many food programmes such as the Great British Menu and MasterChef feature wild foods such as rabbit and venison, and some of the cheaper cuts of meats with which many people are unfamiliar. Hopefully our courses will help people to appreciate a whole new range of meats and produce some great meals.

We offer a wide range of courses to suit differing interests. All are suitable for beginners and even ‘old hands’ seem to learn something new and always provide great feedback for the group. You can read some of our feedback.

Read about specific courses below or, to see all the courses currently planned, check out the latest course dates.


Pork Butchery and ausages

Spend a morning in the butchery learning how to butcher a pig, and the afternoon making sausages.

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Hands-on Pork Butchery Day 

Our popular hands-on butchery day with David. On this day course you will learn butchering skills so you can deal with your own meat. Each participant will be provided with half a pig, and will butcher it under the quidance of our expert tutor and pack it to take home..

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Curing and Smoking Day 

Learn how to make dry and wet cures, produce your own bacon and ham, learn about hot and cold smoking and how to make a simple smoker. A fascinating day  led by Marc Frederic that is bound to make you want to rush home and start curing meat..

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Sausage-making workshop

This course is ideal for people who want to perfect their sausage-making skills

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Salumi – Italian Charcuterie 

A day learning how to butcher Italian-style and make cured meats such as pancetta, coppa, prosciutto

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The Whole Hog 

A two-day course covering everything from butchery, sausage-making to curing, smoking, and making pies.

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Wild Meats – Butchery and charcuterie

This full day course looks at a range of wild meats. Topics covered include the butchery of a deer carcass, plucking pigeon and pheasant and skinning rabbit, plus curing of the meats. Then find out how these wild meats can be used to produce wonderful meals.

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Three-bird Roast – Half Day 

Learn how to prepare a three-bird roast for Christmas. During this afternoon class you will dress and then bone a goose and stuff it with pheasant, partridge and a pork stuffing, which you take home to freeze for Christmas Day. These roasts can cost more than £70 to buy so this course represents excellent value.

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