Course Tutor 

Colin Greenbaum and  David Coldman

What you will learn

This three-day course covers the butchery of the lamb and pork. The course is taught by two of our tutors,  who take different sessions.  There is a mix of  demonstration and hands-on participation. The days are intensive, potentially long, and cover a lot of material.  Self-catering accommodation is available at Empire Farm and nearby for those who wish to stay locally.

Day 1  The first day looks at the butchery of lamb.   A whole lamb is butchered and you will be shown how to make different products from the meat, such as  sausages and lamb ham. Note this day can be booked separately.

Day 2 The starting point for this day is a whole  pig and over the duration of the next two days your tutors, Marc and Colin, will show you how this meat, plus the venison and lamb from day 1, can be turned into a wonderful selection of products such as bacon, ham, coppa, sausage, chorizo, pate and pies.

Butchery is an essential part of charcuterie as you need to know about the different cuts and how they can be used. You will be shown how to bone joints and prepare some of the more unusual cuts. The rest of the day covers sausage-making which makes good use of the offcuts from the butchery, the shoulder and belly. Your tutor will also show you how to make merguez and chorizo

Day 3 looks at curing pork using both dry and wet cures to make a range of cured products such as bacon, pancetta, coppa, guanciale, and gammon. Nothing goes to waste, so the bones and head are boiled down to make stock and the meat used in rillettes. Next, attention turns to the pluck – the liver, heart and lungs which can be added to pork to make haslet, faggots and pates. And last on the agenda -  pies, both pork and game. You will get to take home some samples of the products made during the course.

This course is ideal for  smallholders who want to learn what they can do with their meat, for owners of farm shops who want to add value to their meat and to foodies who want to learn to make some great tasting British charcuterie.

There are plenty of places to stay in the area so this course offers an ideal opportunity for you to get away for a few days with your family, partner or friend.


The lamb day can be booked as a stand alone day, as can the two pork days.


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The numbers on these days are limited to 10 people so that everybody can see what is going on and ask questions. Most of the course takes place in the butchery which is not heated so warm clothing and thick socks are needed! We provide protective clothing.

The price includes all tuition,visits and other activities that are part of the course, course notes and light lunch and refreshments during the course.

Three-day course  £390 incl VAT
November dates for 2017 to be confirmed
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