Sally and Adrian Morgan teach the smallholder courses.

Our smallholder courses looks at all aspects of running a holding, from the paperwork to the management of the fields and having healthy soil.  In particular,  we specialise in small spaces, showing you what can be achieved on a few acres or less.  The knowledge we impart is based on 25 years of experience as smallholders, keeping pigs, sheep and poultry,  and a life time of growing vegetables and fruit!


An Introduction to Smallholding  Day 

This introductory day is aimed at the ‘would-be’ smallholder or the new smallholder wanting to find out more about running a smallholding, pros and cons of keeping different animals and about relevant rules and regulations.

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Living on an acre or less

Having a smallholding is the dream for many people, but surprisingly you can achieve a lot with just one acre – Sally Morgan shows you how

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Pigs and Poultry Day 

Thinking of keeping pigs or poultry or both? Come along to this combined day, or just choose to come to the morning or afternoon session.

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