Course Tutor 

Sally Morgan

What you will learn

This day covers the keeping of both pigs and poultry, with half a day devoted to each animal. You can attend the full day, or just come for the morning or afternoon session, if you are only interested in one aspect.

The morning session covers pigs. The Empire Farm has a small herd of Kune Kune pigs together with other pigs bought in as weaners. The course looks at all aspects of small scale pig keeping from choosing the right breed, raising pigs through to slaughter and dealing with the meat. Subjects covered include the different breeds, where to buy weaners, the amount of space that is needed, the type of housing, diet, disease, transport and the regulations. We will briefly look at topics such as finding an abattoir, and butchering the meat.

Poultry are covered in the afternoon session.We start with a theory session, followed by a tour of the poultry pens and an introduction to the different breeds that we keep at The Empire Farm. We have deliberately stocked a variety of different breeds of both laying and meat chickens, ducks, geese and a few black turkeys, so we will can discuss the pros and cons of each. We have also set up a variety of pens, from small self-contained ones that would suit a garden, to larger sheds with electric fencing. Topics cover all aspects of poultry keeping, such as the  breeds of chickens, ducks and geese, and their characteristics, pros and cons of each, housing and paddocks, rotations, feeding, welfare issues, disease, predator control, buying stock, breeding, the pros and cons of incubators and broody hens, organic poultry keeping. There will be a session on avian flu and how to keep your poultry healthy when housed inside or under nets.


The numbers on this courses are limited to approx. 12  people so that there is plenty of opportunity to discuss specific topics of interest. Much of this course takes place outside so warm weatherproof clothing and wellington boots are needed, plus a change of shoes. We will be handling birds and that can be a bit mucky! Everybody gets to take away a set of notes and some fresh eggs.

The cost of the  full day course includes all tuition, course notes, home-made lunch, afternoon tea and all  refreshments. The day starts at 10 am and finishes as approx 5 pm.

The cost of the  half day course includes course notes and refreshments. The morning session finishes at about 1 pm.The  afternoon session starts at 2 pm and finishes at approx 5 pm.


Sunday 18 June  2017 full day
£90 including VAT
Eventbrite - Pigs and poultry workshop
There is an option to do the morning pig course and 

an afternoon sausage workshop , please contact the office