The Flock
We have a small flock of Dorset Down and Southdown Sheep. These breeds are easy to handle. Ours come running up the moment they see us with a bucket, on the grounds that it usually contains food. One of the reasons that we chose the Dorset Down is the fact that it is a traditional sheep of West Dorset and South Somerset. 

We have 2 x 3-month old Dorset Down ewe lambs for sale ( March 2015) , with organic status, please contact Sally (


Also on the farm is a much large flock of Exlana sheep owned by Tim White of Proven Shedding Sheep .  Tim is a local grazier operating on short term lets in and around Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire. His flock numbers around  800 fully recorded breeding sheep, which are all grass-fed. He operates a zero tolerance attitude to any problem in his breeding sheep over many years and has been working on breeding worm resistant genetics since 1998. Wool shedding sheep are perfect for his  extensive, minimum input system but these sheep must also be capable of breeding as ewe lambs & subsequently rearing multiple lambs without supplementary feeding or human intervention.

These sheep are also great for the smallholder as they are hardy, can be on grass all year round, easy lambers and being shedding sheep there is no need to find a shearer!  To find out more about the Exlana and availability for 2015 please contact Tim direct via his website given above.