What you will learn 

Lamb is an incredibly versatile meat. When people think of charcuterie, they usually think of all the things one can do with pork, but lamb can be processed in many different ways too.

This course is a combination of demonstration and hands-on. Your tutor  starts with a demonstration of lamb butchery, with members of the group helping out.  Joints will be boned and rolled to make showcasing joints such as guard of honour and lamb cushion,  so there is plenty of  opportunity to practice  butchers’ knots. Once the meat is cut up, it is processed into products such as Merguez sausages, lamb ham, and pate.

You will also learn how to cook lamb to make best use of some of the cheaper and flavoursome cuts. If you produce your own lamb, this course will help you add value to your products.










The numbers on these days are limited to about 10 people so that everybody can see what is going on and ask questions.

Most of the day takes place in the butchery which is not heated so warm clothing and thick socks are needed! We provide protective clothing.

The price includes all tuition, course notes, light lunch and refreshments during the day.

Lamb hands-on day

We offer this course as a hands-on too  – if you would be interested in attending a lamb or mutton hands-on day  (£295) please email the office. Once we have four interested people we can arrange a date. Often a group of 4/5 friends or work colleagues books a hands-on day  for a fun day out and an opportunity to learn new skills and take home a stash of lamb or mutton.

Gift Vouchers

You can give a place on this course as a gift or reward. You will be asked for details of the recipient when you add the item to your basket.


We offer a £10 discount for the second and subsequent person booked the same time. Simply enter the Coupon Code “Second” in your shopping cart when you clicked the Add to Cart Button below to book your second (and subsequent) place.

Note: this course is Day 1 of  our three-day butchery course and is a completely self-contained day.

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