Course Tutor

Dave Coldman

What you will learn

Mention cured meats, and most people immediately think of bacon and ham. However, on this popular beginner’s course you will be taught how to prepare a wide range of cured fish and meats.

During the day, we will teach you about salt, preservatives, the use of dry and wet cures and how they can be used to products such as cured salmon, bacon and pancetta, gammon, coppa, air dried ham, bresaola, pastrami,  and biltong.

Part of the day is spent looking at hot and cold smoking, both of which will be demonstrated.   We look at the range of the smokers that are available on the market and how you could make your own one. We also discuss the selection of wood and how each wood imparts a different flavour to meat and fish.  Lunch, of course, features some cured and smoked foods. The day includes a mix of demonstration and hands-on activities and, as on all our courses, you get to take home some of the wonderful foods you have produced during the day.

This is a fascinating day that is bound to make you want to rush home and try curing meat for yourself. Read about previous courses in our farm blog.

We have a special Xmas Curing and Smoking course in December detailed on a different page.


The numbers on these days are limited to 6 so that everybody can see what is going on and ask questions.

Most of the day takes place in the butchery which is not heated so warm clothing and thick socks are needed! We provide protective clothing.

The price includes all tuition, course notes, light lunch and refreshments during the day.

Next dates

Sunday 15 April 2018 £140 Book here on Eventbrite

Sunday 13 May 2018 £140 Book here on Eventbrite