Bespoke courses

We run a number of bespoke days each year. Sometimes,  a group of people wants a course tailored to their own needs, or  a couple is keen to do a particular course but can’t find a date to suit.  We have had couples fly in from overseas for training, including a couple wanting to set up a pork-based business in the Bahamas and another from Bulgaria.

A bespoke day can be set up to cover any combination of topics, subject to time of year, for example, advanced charcuterie, sausage-making, butchery, preparation of game, setting up an artisan food business, or a particular aspect of smallholding such as keeping meat birds or sheep.  The cost of the day varies, depending on the topic being covered and the materials required, for example, a smallholding day for up to 4 people can be run for £350. A hands-on pork butchery day for 4 people  costs £1180 while a hands-on wild meats day for 4 is £1040.Recently, the Michelin-starred chef, Tim Aikens, had two bespoke sessions with Marc at the farm, to brush up on his butchery skills.

Consultancy service

Empire Farm offers a consultancy service too. For example, Sally has provided consultancy to a couple who had purchased a smallholding and wanted a management plan and helped another couple plan a new business on their 10-acre holding.

The viability of small holdings up to 10 acres is of particular interest to Sally and she has visited a number of successful examples. In addition, she has provided ‘expert’ advice to film and TV production companies. Sally is happy to travel to the client.